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Reflection: Workshop and discussion in INWOLE

Responding to the announcement's call, members of Inwole, Projekthaus Potsdam-Babelsberg and grassroots movements attended on 21th of February an Workshop with our dear friend Filippos Polatsidis. We have discussed about inter-generational solidarity and various aspects, challenges and opportunities that open up through the dialogue and cooperation of different generations that act under one common roof, whether housing or work related, or in some other form of community.

In the course of the workshop we shared our experiences, thoughts and ideas and came up with several actionable points that participant will take back to their groups and/or collectives.


Our mutual feeling is that diverse aspects of inter-generational solidarity are already being thought and discussed about in wider communities, which is why we are all really satisfied with an opportunity to tackle this issue within this workshop.

We are committed to continue the conversation in the future for the benefit of a better world.

Further workshops with similar topics will follow!


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