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OPEN DAY - Human Rights, Migration and Best Practices - Freitag, 14.April 2023

I'm Yoselin Paredes, founder of a women's organization called YES SHE CAN we are working together with INWOLE in Potsdam.

We gave scholarships to 15 Mexican women to come to Germany and train in a Boot Camp that will take place on the 9th - April 23 of this year, in Potsdam, women seek training in issues of immigration public policy in order to learn about the immigration systems that Germany offers. +WHY?

Because 79.5 million people forcibly displaced, including 26 million refugees and 4.2 million asylum seekers. Mexico is a transit country for many migrants seeking to cross into the United States, however in the attempt they get stuck in Mexico. The reality of public policies in Mexico is poor in terms of correct assistance to migrants. Mexico needs to speed up the reception process and above all we need to understand more about these issues. +WHY IN GERMANY?

Although Germany is the second country that receives migrants, refugees and stateless people, its public policies have welcomed thousands of migrants and refugees.We (a group of Mexican feminists and activists)want to study and understand the migration model and the public policies that the German Government has. Somehow we want to exchange views to find various solutions to the migration problems that Mexico faces.We know that this can be completely different since Germany is a country of arrival and Mexico a country of transit, however in the central states of Mexico they do not talk about migration, they talk rather about how dangerous and how "illegal" it is be a migrant We must change the landscape. +WHO PARTICIPATE? 15 women from the city of Puebla / MéxicoThey were selected to participate in this BootCamp. They are all activists, feminists and women interested in working for a public policy in Mexico that works for migrants and refugees.Women 18-29 years of age, students of law,political science and international relations,some of them graduated and working on political issues. +WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? All women and people who are interested in migration, who want to know the good practices of feminist organizations and impressive women with a work focused on the dissemination of the rights of migrants and refugees.

+OPEN DAY We invite you to our open day, it will take place on Friday, April 14, 2023 and we will begin with a talk by Fatuma Mussa, born in Somalia, has been residing in Germany for more than 10 years and works with social projects in Kenya and Germany. She will tell us about the importance of being an activist on migration issues and the challenges of migrant women. Afterwards we will have short presentations by the participating Mexican women who will show us their motivations to work for migrant women. We will end with a very nice networking, where everyone is invited.


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