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Freie Plätze für Teilnahme an Jugendbegegnungen!

Vielfältige Möglichkeiten für Teilnahme an Deutsch-Französischen Sommercamps

Unsere Partnergruppe Solidarites Jeunesses bietet auch in diesem Jahr viele Möglichkeiten für eine Teilnahme an Jugendbegegnungen und Sommercamps in Frankreich an!

Eine Liste und Beschreibung der Projekte findet ihr hier.

Bei einem Interesse bitte wendet euch direkt an unsere Partnergruppe:


Project: The worksite will be held at the REV's permanent site, a former summer camp culminatingat an altitude of 1500m. This site is located at the foot of Mont Lozère in the heart of the Cévennes.

The REV took over the place in the spring and wants this place to become a place of welcome,exchange and meeting. It is conveniently located on Stevenson Road. The project therefore aimsto develop the exteriors so that visitors can find a pleasant place to meet international volunteers,construction site volunteers, etc. Your action will be in accordance with the objective 12 ofsustainable development (UN) in favor of sustainable consumption and production.

Work:You will be involved with the REV team on the layout of the garden and a Colony

Restoration Party. More specifically, the project will aim to restore wooden benches and create a terraced garden where flowers can be planted. You can also do small carpentry work to make shutters for the part that will serve as reception during the winters. 20h/week

Accommodation and food:The workcamp will take place in a particularly isolated area, where

you will be accommodated on the REV site in individual tents (remember to bring your sleeping bag). You will have access to sanitary facilities near the camp. In addition, if the climatic conditions deteriorate too much to be able to camp, a shelter, a few meters away, will be accessible. Meals will be provided and prepared in turn by participants.

Location:Very close to Mont Lozère

Leisure activities:As the site is held in an isolated area, the majority of leisure activities will

consist of exploring the surrounding nature, hiking in the Cévennes and swimming in the river.

Transport will also be made available to organize discovery outings and leisure activities.

Closest Train Station:Genolhac station. Between 1 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Closest Airport:Montpellier

Participation fee:200€

SJ/TRI90RURAL VIDEO AHEAD !04/08-15/08CULT15 vols14-18

Project:Do you want to meet other young people aged 14 to 18, from different backgrounds, to

make videos with othersandto live an ecological and intercultural adventure in the middle of

nature? At the heart of this projectofparticipatory video,you will learn to express your ideas, to

film, to transmit a message by participating yourself and with others around! In the Alsatian Vosgesmountains, we are going to meet the inhabitants of the valley (beekeepers, foresters, farmers, local associations, village mayors, etc.) to make links between life in the Alsatian countryside and your own life in your village or town! The objective is to make videos about what it means to be young today: our questions, our fears, our dreams to build our future!

Work/ Activities:You will be supported in your learning by 2 motivated facilitators, Hannah and


- you willbetrainedin video techniques (creating a scenario, learning to film and edit images)


- you will experience intercultural games to learn about other participants' cultures and share your own, including fun language activities,

- you will organize the collective life together: meals, activities, decisions to be taken together!

No particular qualification is expected, only the desire to do something together! If you are already familiar with video, you are also welcome ; )

At the same time, taking advantage of our intercultural dynamics, we will organize actions to raise awareness about international solidarity and tofight against discrimination.

On August 13th, we will organize together with the inhabitants of the Valley a closing party with a video projection and an international meal! It will be a great way to conclude this adventure with all thepeoplewhoparticipated!Andallotherinterestedpeoplefromthearea;)

Accommodation:We will be accommodated at the Maison Louise Scheppler, a collectivehosting center*. We will sleep in rooms of 3 to 4 people. Kitchen, toilets, washbasins, showers on the spot.

Please bring a sleeping bag, sheets and pillow.

Food is provided and included in the budget of theproject. We will take it in turns to prepare meals.

We will favour local and/or organic purchases.


Location:Fouday (67130)

Rich in history, Fouday is a commune of 350 inhabitants, located in the Bruche Valley, at the foot of the Massif du Champ du Feu (430m altitude). At the confluence of the Chirgoutte, it is surrounded by forests and pastures. We are 50 km west of Strasbourg.

Leisure activities:walking, horse riding, festivals, markets, museums, etc. We can organize the

activities we want to do together: there are many possibilities!

Special requirements :no experience necessary, just the motivation to meet other young people to do and live together! Aboutvideo, this is an initiation, so no particular prior skills are necessary.

This project is supported by the Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO). It is a trilateral


There is no participation fee.

Nearest train station:Meet on 4 August between 4pm and 7pm, at Schirmeck station (67130).

More information on theinfosheet.


Project: Do you know what owls, insects and bats have in common ? They all serve our

environment! Come find out more in Le Créneau ! Located in the middle of nature, our hosting

center provides a natural, well preserved and rich biodiversity. This biodiversity is the home to

various remarkable species, who deserve to be protected and valued as such : bats, owls, mice,

bugs, frogs, etc. Come to help us preserve those so called « undesirable » species, and contribute

to bring awareness to the part they play in the local ecosystem. A great workcamp so sing along

the frog’s song ! Your actions will be in accordance with the objectives 5 and 12 of sustainable

development (UN) in favor of gender equality and responsible consumption and production.

Work: There will be multiple workshops along the workcamp so that everyone can participate in

constructing houses and arrange places.

What to expect :

Listening and observing sessions of nocturnal raptors with specific techniques

Building of a birdhouse

Building of a low wall using dry stone technique

Building of a house for bats

Renovation of the bugs’ hotel

Planting honey seeds

The work will take place in the morning, from 8:30AM to 1PM, with a break of 30 minutes around


Accommodation and food: Participants will be hosted on Le Créneau’s camping, within collective

tents (5-6 per tents) with wooden floor and beds. WiFi is not available on site. Food will be

provided and prepared by the participants in groups, in the castle’s kitchen with the support of the

cooking staff.

Location: Montcombroux les Mines (45 kms away from Moulins)

Leisure activities: Afternoons and weekends are planned collectively with the group leaders. If

you want to discover the cities around, Vichy and Moulins are 45 kms away. If you’d rather have a

nice walk in nature, the surroundings are perfect for hiking, landscape seeing, discovering local

markets, swimming, and enjoying sports activities and games.

Closest train station: Moulins-sur-Allier (03000), 4 rue Philippe Thomas

Closest airports:Lyon or Paris

Arrival: Let’s meet at Moulins-sur-Allier train station, at 5PM !

Participation fee:200€


Project :Come and join the great project of Citrus, and be a part in the renovation of the future

international hosting center of Laguépie. For more than ten years, teenagers and adults from all

around the world have come and built, renovated, imagined and gave shape to this great project.

Up the hill of the village of Laguepie, Citrus organization is a place for sharing and gathering,

where international volunteers are building, stone after stone and year after year, an intercultural

hosting center. Since 2012, it’s in the former hamlet of “La Mayounelle '' that is located the

organization Citrus : office, refectory, kitchen, surrounded by green fields, a green theater and a

garden. Guided by the work camp leaders, you will live in the heart of the organization and share

daily life with the whole team of Citrus. Your actions will be in accordance with the objectives 3 and

4 of sustainable development (UN) in favor of good health and well-being and of quality education.

Work :You will take part in the creation of the new garden of Citrus. By defining plots of land,

creating signs or decorating the different zones, you will give shape to the garden with natural


In order to encourage the biodiversity of the site, you will build a bug’s hotel and birdhouses. By

hiking around Citrus, you will discover the typical plant and animal life of the area, and create fun

signs for the international volunteers to come.

From Monday to Friday, mornings will be dedicated to technical work (4 hours per day). Some

volunteers will be in the cooking team, with the referent cook of Citrus, to prepare the meals.

Accommodation and food:In collective tents of 8 beds, with wooden floor and beds. Please

bring a sleeping bag and a pillow if you wish. Bathrooms, kitchen and refectory are in a building nearby. Wifi isn’t accessible and there is no washing machine, but you can wash your clothes byhand.

As a group, you will be responsible for cleaning the place and cooking the meals, guided by the campleaders. Some choices will be made to encourage local and seasonal products.

Location:on the site of Citrus organisation, in the village of Laguépie. It is 100km away from

Toulouse, between Albi and Montauban Leisure activities:In the afternoons and evenings, let your creativity talk ! Those times will be organised all together with the group. You will be able to enjoy swimming in the nearby river, visiting medieval villages, or going for a kayak ride! With the help of the camp leaders, you’ll organize events to connect with the local community, such as international dinners.

Closest train station :Laguépie 82250

Closest airport :Toulouse-Blagnac (31000)

Arrival: Laguépie train station between 4pm and 6pm. Campleaders will pick you up.

SJ/TRI92OUTSIDER26/08-09/09ENVI12 vols18-30

Project:Deep down in the valley, from the forest to the sky, the Rochard gîte is the last corner of theworld.Inthisnaturallandscape,70kmfromthe AtlanticOcean,betweenNantesand

Bordeaux, an old farm has been transformed into a rustic gîte by an association which, under a yurt, welcomes groups of children, hikers and campers. The Rochard gîte, an international centre, has welcomed over 70 different nationalities. This place, in the middle of nature, invites to respect the environment and to a sustainable development approach.

Work:The programme is based on three main objectives linked to the Sustainable Development


-To co-construct, with young people, a toolbox to facilitate speaking out and visibility on the

subjects of eco-responsible practices;

-Raise awareness of existing solutions to slow down the effects of the ecological crisis;

-Exchange intercultural practices on sustainable development.

We hope that this programme will allow young people to feel involved and that they will acquire, through dialogue and activities, new knowledge but also new practices, on two levels: on a personal level, i.e. by developing more eco-responsible habits, but also on an interpersonal level, by creating tools that will allow them to raise awareness more easily with their entourage.

Accommodation and food:Collective, under tent of two individual places between the trees,

where you will have at disposal a kitchen, a dining room and showers (which are in the house, a 5 minutes’ walk away).

You have to come with your sleeping bag and pillow.

Due to the sanitary situation, we adapted our accommodation in order to respect the physical

distance of 1 meter between each mat or bed. When possible, we will provide individual tents.

Food will be provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Meals will be prepared, in turn, by you,

especially for lunch and dinner while respecting environmental values and local resources, as well as the culture of each and every one (hot and cold dishes as well as vegetarians and vegans will be prepared).

Location and leisure:Béceleuf. You will have bicycles to explore around. There will also be a

vehicle at your disposal to discover the beautiful corners of the region.

Closest train station:Niort

Closest airport:Bordeaux

Meeting point:From Paris airport, take the suburban train to Montparnasse train station. From

there, take a train to Niort, the leaders will meet you at Niort train station between 4pm and 6pm on

August 26th

SJ/TRI73FROM WAR TO PEACE02/09-23/09RENO10 vols18-30

Project:Located at the mouth of the Charente, the Fouras peninsula is home to 3 ports and 5

beaches of the Atlantic coast. In an idyllic setting with a view of Fort Boyard, the worksite will

consist of the renovation of the Vauban fort, also called the Semaphore fort, which is in reality the

medieval fortified castle of Fouras. It protected the city from a possible invasion from an enemy

landing by the ocean. It is surrounded by 17th century fortifications: platforms, curtain walls and

massive towers. This workcamp is part of the continuity of the partnership with the town of Fouras

and its desire to pursue local development actions (renovation work camp on the Fort de l'Aiguille

as well), through the intercultural dynamics allowed by the volunteer youth workcamps. Your

actions will be in accordance with the objective 11 of sustainable development (UN) in favor of

sustainable cities and communities.

Work: You will work on the restoration of a part of the Vauban Fort, namely the façade of the

northern front. Accompanied by a specialized technical supervisor, you will first have to ensure the

de-vegetation of the facade, then the de-jointing and the repointing with limemotar mortar. Other

traditional masonry work and stone cutting are planned, which will allow you to familiarize yourself

with these techniques. It is a physical job, but in an idyllic setting by the ocean. You will work

approximately 6 hours per day.

Accommodation and food: It will be collective, under tents at the Fouras campsite (pool, multi-

sports area, WIFI, snack...). You will have a vehicle available for all mobility in the region. Food will

be provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner (you have a food budget which the facilitators will

manage and communicate with you throughout the work). The meals will be prepared, in turn, by

you, especially for lunch and dinner while respecting environmental values and local resources, as

well as the culture of each and everyone (hot and cold dishes as well as vegetarian and vegan will

be prepared).

Location: Fouras-les-Bains, Charente-Maritime

Leisure activities: You can enjoy many water activities, such as fishing and sailing with local

clubs. The beach, bike rides by the sea, beach volleyball and other pleasures are to be discovered.

You can also visit museums as well as some cities such as La Rochelle and Rochefort. Your visit

will favor the meeting with locals who are looking forward to seeing you, especially at table for an

international diner party or the Music Festival, among other summer events!

Closest train station:Rochefort

Closest airport:Bordeaux

Arrival: At Rochefort train station, between 4pm and 6 pm. The facilitators will shuttle between the

station and the place of accommodation.

SJ/TRI91Youth Engagement for Society12/09-25/09SOCI15 vols18-30

Project: Thetownof La Ferté Alais has been organising international volunteer workcamps for

several years. The municipality is very attached to these projects, which enable the local heritage

to be enhanced and to create a time of activity in the municipality, particularly for young people. In

partnership with the municipality, the Vir'Volt association has a reception area to set up

international projects, bringing together young people from all over the world and local young


On this site, the Vir'Volt association develops international workcamps on the theme of eco-

responsible practices. The young people are asked to participate in the development of the

international host site, by building various pieces of furniture from recycled materials, the

construction of the floor of two new yurts intended to host workshops on eco-responsible practices

and ecological modules aimed at fighting global warming.

Welcoming young people from all over the world, getting to know each other and learning from our


To think and act together for the protection of the environment; to have a positive impact on the

places and people living around the site or simply passing through... This is the project of this

future village, which every year is built thanks to the young people who come to contribute, putting

solidarity at the centre of their actions.

Work: This project aims to involve the volunteers in a series of concrete actions to encourage civic

engagement and commitment to the protection of the environment.

These concrete actions will take place in the public space, with the creation of ecological modules

in wood and the transformation of objects into ecological modules:

- Transformation of an old fridge into a flower box.

- Transformation of an old sink into a flower box.

- Creation of insect hotels for the town centre of La Ferté Alais.

- Creation of nesting boxes for the town centre of La Ferté Alais.

This project proposes a reflection on citizen participation: what does it mean to be committed?

What does it mean to have an influence on your social and cultural environment?Are we actors of

change? Is civil disobedience a citizen action? Can the individual act without the collective?

Volunteers will participate in workshops to exchange and debate on themes related to civic

engagement and participation.

Accommodation and food: Collective accommodation in tents, yurts and tipis. Sanitary facilities

and kitchen available.

This international youth volunteer work camp is organised in such a way that each participant takes

part in all aspects of daily life. This is to encourage exchanges between the young people, their

responsibility, and the discovery of the local culture.

In groups, organised in rotation in the schedules, the young people, accompanied by an employee

and volunteers from the association, are in charge of preparing meals and maintaining the

communal areas.

Leisureactivities: During the afternoons, the volunteers will participate in workshops for reflection

and exchange, and cultural discovery. In order to encourage the participation of young people, time

is set aside for participants to propose and implement their ideas for workshops, activities and

visits. The co-construction of the activity schedule is a central element in the implementation of the

educational project, which aims to develop the participation of young people, their capacity for

autonomy and responsibility.

The discovery activities are centered around the visit and the exchange with partners

involved in citizenship issues:

- Visit to the Base in Paris (a place of civic engagement)

- Workshop "La Fresque du Climat" at the Maison Zero Déchet in Paris

- Repair Café at the café Le P'tit Cerny

Note: This workcamp is supported by the Franco-German Office for Youth. Transport costs will be

reimbursed according to a mileage scale.

Nearest train station: La Ferté-Alais

Nearest airports: Paris Orly and Charles de Gaulle

Meeting point: La Ferté-Alais station between 2pm and 6pm


Project:For several years, Île d'Aix has been hosting international workcamps for the restoration

of Fort Liédot, including the Saint Eulard battérie built in 1860 to protect the country from English

invasions. However, this place of war is today a vector of peace understood by Solidarités

Jeunesses, the Île d’Aix City Hall and the Conservatoire du littoral. In order to continue the actions

of conservation and restoration of the heritage of the island, while promoting its dynamism and

local development, the young international volunteers will have the opportunity to continue the

work of the preceding group, know the natural landscapes as well as the local culture. Your actions

will be in accordance with the objective 11 of sustainable development (UN) in favor of sustainable

cities and communities.

Work:You will participate, during 13 mornings of 6 hours of work, in the restoration of the wall of

the battery of Saint Eulard of Fort Liédot. The work will consist of vegetating the site in order to do

masonry and traditional stone cutting work on rubble walls. You will have the task of cutting and

replacing the stones and then de-jointing and rejoining the wall, with hydraulic chaux. In the

afternoon, the international volunteers will be able to visit and enjoy local culture as well as

carrying out raising-awareness activities about interculturality and sustainable development.

Accommodation:The accommodation will be collective, in shared rooms (4 beds), at the Armand

Fallières accommodation center, near Fort Liédot. You will have bicycles for walking and going to

the work site. Food will be provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Meals will be prepared, in turn,

by you, especially for lunch and dinner, while respecting environmental values and local resources,

as well as the culture of each and everyone (hot and cold dishes as well as vegetarian and vegan

will be prepared).

Leisure activities:On the island, you can enjoy many nautical activities, such as fishing on foot

and sailing with local clubs! The beach, bike rides by the sea, beach volleyball and other pleasures

are to be enjoyed. You can also visit forts and museums as well as some cities like La Rochelle

and Rochefort or visit the island’s school to share your cultures with local children. The highlights

of the stay will favor the meeting with locals who are looking forward to seeing you, especially for

the international meal party!

Closest train station:Rochefort (17300)

Arrival: You take a bus between 4 and 6 pm from the Rochefort train station to the port of Fouras.

Then, you take the boat at 7pm to the Island of Aix where the animators will be waiting for you.

SJ/TRI02LIVING BOOKS30/09-21/10CULT8 vols18-30

Project:The Haute Saintonge Library Network seeks to bring the culture of books to life in the

region. Thus, a partnership with the Maison des Bateleurs – Solidarités Jeunesses was created in

order to connect international young people with local people in an intercultural and literary

atmosphere to make alive a practice eager to continue living among the public of all ages,

especially the youth.

Work: You will participate in the creation of a literary atlas with locals. This creation comes from the

writing and reading workshops carried out in the libraries of the region. In addition, you will

participate in interculturality workshops.

Accommodation and food: You will be sleeping in dorms for 8 people at la Maison des Bateleurs

in Montendre. Sheets, mattresses, pillows will be at your disposal. You will have a van for your

transportation to the workcamp in Jonzac (20 minutes from the house) and for your travels

throughout the region. Food will be provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each meal will be

prepared each day by teams except for breakfast, while respecting the values of sustainable

development and the culture of each person (vegetarian and vegan meals are available upon


Location: Jonzac

Leisure activities: You can enjoy many cultural activities such as visiting historic cities such as

Jonzac, Blaye, Rochefort, La Rochelle, Bordeaux, among others. You can also take advantage of

the surrounding forests for hiking or enjoy the good moments at the beach on the coast of the


Closest train station:Montendre

Closest airport:Bordeaux

Time and directions to the meeting point:Montendre train station at 6pm. The campleaders willshuttle you from the station to the accommodation.


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